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The Centennia Historical Atlas software runs under Apple Macintosh OS X (Mavericks, Mountain Lion, etc.), as well as Microsoft Windows (Windows 8, 7, Vista, etc.). The software requires 20 megabytes of hard disk space and 40 megabytes of memory. Centennia does not have any other significant system requirements, and it will run well on almost any computer manaufactured in the past ten years.

The files available for download here include all text and map data covering ten centuries of European and Mid East history. The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Period (1789-1819) is available at no cost. To access the full time period, you will need to purchase an access code.

Download Centennia for Windows: Download Centennia for Windows.
The Windows download (fully compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP) is a zip file containing the Centennia Windows Setup program. Download it, open it, then double-click "Centennia Windows Setup" to install the software. Then double-click the Desktop Centennia icon or select it from the Programs menu to run the software.

Download Centennia for Macintosh: Download Centennia for Macintosh OS X.
The Macintosh OS X download is a disk image (dmg) file (compatible with system 10.5 and above Mavericks, Mountain Lion, etc.). Download it, then drag the Centennia application to your computer's desktop or hard disk. Double-click to run the software.
Note: if you get a security warning, option-click on the file and then select 'Open' from the sub-menu.

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